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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 11, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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exactly what went wrong in red line train filled with passengers took off down the track with no one at the control. today. investigator searching for r shooter after two people are found dead in revere. for the first time we hear publicly from the u.s. army sergeant who dessertes his post and held captive by the taliban. everybody. thanks for joining us. sarah french. bad visibility because of the fog. and jeremy with us now. hopefully this will lift pretty
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what do you say, j.r.? lifting. if this were july or august it minutes. this time of year that sun is not as strong. it take a little bit longer to get the fog to burn off. and so it will be a slow process. yes, i do anticipate the dense fog lifting into more partly cloudy sky this morning. temps temps relatively mild. back through southern new hampshire number lower 40s. the fog will begin to lift. a few lingering clouds. it's a decent december day despite a lot of clouds. piled between 52 and 57. the weekend will start warm tomorrow and then cooler for sunday. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast in ability 15 minutes we begin with breaking news. a 39-year-old women killed when her car crashes into a house in north redding. happened on elm street. the women died at the scene. part of the road is now closed.
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scene with the latest on this breaking news story. sarah they are working on opening up the road right now. if you take a look there's quite a bit of damage to the home on elm street. we're having a car pull in front of it now. this car earlier around 6:00 police say that a 39-year-old women was driving here on elm street, crossed the double yellow line and went into this home along the road. injuries. she was the only person inside the car. police not saying what made have played a role in the crash. it was very, very foggy. where the accident happened there's quite a bend on route 62 here in north redding. right now town building inspector on scene. they take a look at the home to determine if there is enough damage to home it may not be structurally sound at this point there were three people home when this happened. but no one inside was injured. live in north redding.
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let's check the traffic impact there and beyond. >> route 62 is closed in both direction through redding. now around route 62, 128 and 93 both looking fine. this is saugus, though. i want to show you there's a lot of fog out there. traffic slowing nicely. it's hard to see. allow for extra time on the road. couple of incidents to tell about. around redding not too bad on 128 and 93. 93 southbound and route one southbound as you pass over route 16 you start to slowdown. let's go out to pike on route 9. we have an accident. that's westbound on route 9. accident. >> that's right at route 30. the pike from 128 into boston you are stop and go as well. south of town no major issues to tell you about. in boston, 23 minutes. let's take a look at your drive time as you get ready to head out the door. expressway split to tunnel about
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9d 3 south 128 to zakim bridge 28 minute. so far the t is on time. back to you guys >> happening today. transportation officials are meeting to discuss the run away red line train that took away without a driver. investigators are looking at operator error as a possible cause. at the same time we're learning more about the man who was supposed to be at the controls. let's head out live for more on this a story. here's nicole oliverio in braintree where it started yesterday. nicole? >> no problems today. but as you mentioned 28-year veteran of mbta is now the focus of this investigation. a red line train takes off from braintree early thursday morning filled with passenger but missing its conductor. the train just picked up speed. went from like five miles per hour to like 30 and just kept going and going and going. t worker noticed a problem within minute and cut power to 6-car train.
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through several station. they were calling for help for the missing driver. 52-year-old david vasque is. employee was struck by train. i think a skim. he does have as willation. an investigation immediately began. d.o.t. said it wasn't a problem of the train. officials wouldn't say exactly what the operator did wrong. when the red line trains set to lee braintree a signal issue that prevented the train from starting up. apparently the operator got permission to bypass the signal. >> the requirement is that the train be put in full service brake as well as a hand brake which is manual brake also deployed on that particular vehicle before the operator exits the cab. here's what a red line train area looks lake. master control which is essentially a lever. there's report of passenger seeing a chord wrapped around the lever.
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looking into the claim. friends of vasques said he couldn't believe it. >> he's a friend and acquaintance. i can't picture this guy doing something wrong. i mean the equipment old. they always try to blame the operator for everything. >> vazquez out on paid lee until this investigation is over. live in braintree; nicole oliverio, 7 news ""today in new england." police are searching for a gunmen who shot three people in revere, two are dead and another badly injured. let's head out to victoria vicki? >> good morning. we are learning more about the victims in the situation and we're also hearing from a man who said that he saw something very suspicious while he was standing in front of the revere building about 15 minutes before the shooting. police got the 911 call to come out to the first floor apartment here in revere last night after
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someone calling for help. the district attorney said a man in his 60s who lived theres shot and killed along with a woman in her 30s who was visiting. another man in his 30s was shot in the face according to neighbors and he is seriously hurt and still in the hospital. this morning we just spock with one man who said he saw someone go into the apartment about 15 minutes before the shooting. >> he took took an opportunity because the door was open. he just kind of barged in. i didn't think much of it. i had seen him before. all of a sudden i heard five loud pops. i knew it was gunshots. i took off. >> so police are still investigating this. they spent all night here searching this first floor apartment of this triple decker taking crime scene photos they've been speaking with witnesses who heard things and trying to talk with neighbors and trying to piece together exactly what is happened. at this point there's no word of any arrest.
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vicktoria warren, 7news, "today in new england." closing argument in the fist philip chism murder trial have been delayed until monday. lead attorney went home sick thursday. chism accused of killing his teacher. in the race for the white house no protestor greet donald trump as he campaigns in new hampshire for the first time since making controversy comments about muslim. despite the controversial surrounding the front-runner he picked up police endorsement last night. >> last night was supposed to be a private event where he picked up an endorsement. instead it turned into a very public endorsement. >> the think i've heard donald trump say on his campaign. the racist intolerance is so disgusting that i can't sit home
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among the anti trump crowd in portsmouth this new hampshire muslim who can't believe a leading presidential wants to ban an entire religious group from coming to the u.s. >> what if donald trump becomes president. we have constitutional camp for muslims. hillary clinton said enough is enough. >> i no longer think he's funny >> on late night the democratic candidate said trump's ideas are dangerous. >> this latest demand that we not let muslims into our country really plays into the hands of the terrorist. i don't say that lightly. but he does. he is giving them a great propaganda tool. one group said it would feel safer members of a new england police union. >> anybody killing a police officer death penalty will happen okay. >> the union endorsed the billionaire businessman despite
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plan for muslims >> this isn't religious. this is law enforcement. rhetoric. according to a recent poll trump's lead in new hampshire is still double digits above his closest competitor. in the control room 7news, "today in new england." rob grownkowski back on the practice field. he was limited and wore a brace on injured right knee during thursday's session. it was the first time number 87 has been seen on the field since suffering a bad bruise and sprain in denver. later today we will likely learn more about status for sunday's game in houston when the team releases its injury report. the texans have a big name player dealing with an injury. all pro-defensive end broke his left hand during wednesday's practice. watt has a black cast on that hand. but despite the injury he said game.
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old friend vince wilfork on facebook. he now plays for houston, of course. brady posted this picture from last year's super bowl with the caption throw back thursday to a special moment with a great teammate and friend take it easy on me this weekend. watch the game right here on 7 nbc sunday night. we get started at 6:30 with 7 on the sidelines special at 7:00 it's football night in america. the game kicks off at 8:30. love that picture of big vince. >> so weird not to see him in pat's uniform. . >> we have much more to come friday morning. new podcast may help to explain the motive for deserting his post. a middle schooler serving up some very special lemonade. it's today's class act. making lemonade from lemons. we have clouds and fog early this morning.
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>> welcome back. 9:13 that fog was really lingering this morning. seems like it will clear on out of here. you talked about possible time line. it's dangerous if some areas. >> the clouds and the fog. the fog can be rather clingy. like the friend that won't leave the christmas party. it does begin to break out. i'm always that guy. i close down parties. mild tomorrow. much cooler sunday. that's the change from yesterday morning. we will get into that in a second. visibility significantly reduced. there's some improvement along the south shore. you notice all the zero and ones that's where we have the dense fog. in the summer time when you have morning fog that sun powerful. it just kind of completely wipes out the fog.
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of the low cloud and fog and chew away. low pressure to the west. that put on mild side of that weather system with temperatures at this time 40s and 50s across the northeast. snow lovers want the red l. you want the part off nantucket if you are wishing for snow. although i'm sure most of you are not after last year. understandably. in town right now 48. plymouth 53. through the afternoon a mild day despite limited sun. but for some of you partly sunny skies. fog gets out of here. 52 to 57. the city around 56. north of town merrimack valley the numbers into the low 50s. back into the worcester her lower 50s. chatem, 54. tonight partly cloudy. mild. 42 to 47. mild tomorrow with morning cloud. sun in the afternoon. upper 50s, sunday there's the change.
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temperatures on sunday upper 40s because of this front. south of the mass pike. because of that temperature around the metro much cooler than tomorrow. for everyone tomorrow it's easy, mild. you notice the difference in the front. boston, 49. nashua, 48. south of town upper 50s to around 60. this front is just a piece of the weather system and for more on that here's daniel. we head into monday. we have changes on the way too. these changes fuel from a series of storms that are moving into the pacific northwest. they are getting much-needed rain from seattle into oregon into northern california. winter storm warning in effect flood advisories in effect and actually they even had an ef-1 tornado move through portland. why does that matter to us. these storms will move into the central united states as we head into the weekend. they are expecting snow and able from denver done to texas then our rain maker as we head into monday. there's no arctic air associated with this.
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but best chance of rain for monday will be after 3:00 in the afternoon. we could see rain totals up to an inch. here's your 7 on 7 forecast. yet. 55 today. great saturday upper 50s and day. sunday is that tricky day and then monday when we do see that chance for some rain. >> thanks, daniel. still ahead we hear from army soldier bo bergdahl. hear what he has to say about walking away from post and getting captured by the taliban meet this sixth grader going above and beyond to raise money
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he's been called a trader. bo bergdahl will share his side of the story. you will recall he was taken prison after after desserting post in afghanistan. the president swapped five taliban prisoner to get him back. now after dealing with heavy critisism bergdahl said he wants to set the record straight. here's 7 kim khazei with more. >> for year he was the only prisoner of war. 20 minutes i'm questioning good
9:20 am
suddenly it really start to sink in that i did something bad. his compelling first account is in serial. gutsy but stupid he wanted to warn commander about leadership problem before concocting a new plan that he might track taliban insurgents casting himself as a supersoldier. i was trying to prove the world i am like -- >> bergdahl held hostage for nearly five years was a at any rater who endangered his fellow soldier. later swapped for five taliban detainees held at guantanamo bay. bergdahl speaking with filmmaker the man behind hollywood blockbusters. serial's first season downloaded more than 100 million time offers maximum exposure according to bergdahl's lawyer. the more information that people
9:21 am
his motivation the better. 19 months after release and ceremony with parent the political shrub fest subsided. in the 102 page report they accuse own administration controversial prison exchange. >> administration intentionally violated the law by not informing congress and misleading about the negotiation. to this he's haunted by years in captivity. there's time i work up. i would wake up not remembering what i was. >> kim khazei. 7news, "today in new england." sergeant bergdahl still active duty soldier with clerical job. he could be facing life in prison. 9:22 and we're headed to the classroom for class act today. the story of one student serving up something very simple. lemonade to raise money for a great cause. >> at 9:30 a big night for the
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>> friday morning we like to highlight student that go above and beyond in academic and their community. it's our class act time and always special to see the amazing kid and a they are doing. today we have sixth grader who has gone all out to raise money for kidsed a children's hospital. he's this morning class act. his class, how are you doing? we're here today because of this young man who we want to recognize. he has raised money for
9:25 am
i wanted to welcome tyler piculo. he's only in sixth grade. >> he raised $8,000 for children's hospital. he did it by sell lemonade marlboro. some people buy it for $20 a cup. he didn't do it alone. my whole family helped when setting up and helped selling the limb lemonade. the kids were the architects and the assemblers of this. >> back when tyler in fourth grade he wanted to volunteer to help kids and children but didn't qualify. he said that i was too young. so that lemonade stand fit the bill. his teachers alternate the
9:26 am
see that helping spirit every day. he's a really great kid. he's ready. i'm ready to be helper and jump up. tyler said he plans to keep helping. i don't know how long i want the do this for. hopefully i just raise some more money. what a wonderful young man. he's so sweet. what a nice family too. i got to meet them. they were there for the announcement. he will be back in july in marlboro and raiding money for kids at children. >> great example for others in the classroom. if you know a student between 6 and 12th grade doing something outstanding. please nominate them. head online to >> we'll have much more to come in your next half hour of 7news. hollywood leading man could be returning to his roots in cambridge, coming up. for the day fog lifting a lot of clouds, forecast for the weekend up next.
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>> breaking news. police on the scene of deadly crash in north redding. a car hits a home killing the driver. did weather play a roll? >> passengers talking about eing trapped on an out of control red line train as officials worked to keep it from ever happening again. >> why charles barkley is so upset about the presidential race. welcome back, everybody. happy friday. >> you know what? we're ready to launch into the weekend. few hours left to go before we get ahead of ourselves. if you are out there and j.r. i thought we talk about holiday parties and things like that. what will be weather do later on. christmas shopping. holiday shopping.
9:30 am
you have heavy coats and you have a lug all that through the malls. you don't have that this weekend. getting to the malls, finding the parking place that's the challenge. fog right now down around zero visibility. dense fog advisory extended for another hour or so. boston close to 50. bedford 45. norwood, 48. the fog will slowly break apart in some locations. but this time of year it's fog. it's asking a lot of the sun. he's only out with us for about 3 to 4 hours then it will set. it's not very powerful. we'll have morning fog with clouds through the afternoon. despite limited sunshine. it's a mild day. temps between foo and 57. mild tomorrow. cooler for metro boston on sunday. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes now. about a deadly crash in north redding that claimed the life of
9:31 am
her car slammed into the home that you see there. let's go to jennifer eagan on the scene there. very foggy scene, there, jen? morning. police have cleared the scene. this route 62 also known as elm street. a police say there was 39-year-old women inside the car. the only person inside the car that crashed into the home here. she didn't survive her injury. this happened just after 6:00 this morning. police only saying they've had accidents along the this stretch of road before. they are not saying if the dense fog this morning was a factor. there's a bend in the road too. police are investigating. the chief told us about what happened earlier this morning. appears the vehicle left the eastbound lane and travelled to westbound lane. crossed over the double solid line struck a curb then that reared into a home. there was family inside. they were not hurt at the time
9:32 am
everybody got out safely and they've been moved to safe location. town inspectors were here earlier talking a lack at the home. there's quite a bit of cleanup here. there were three people home at the time when the crash happened as you heard the chief say a moment ago. no one was hurt inside the home. live in north redding this morning. jennifer eagan, 7news ""today in new england." this morning local and federal agency figure out what went wrong when a red line train headed down the track with no one at the controls. when it stopped panic passengers were pounding on the door trying to get off. t riders back on trains this morning. no doubt hoping for something a lot smoother today. nicole oliverio live in braintree with reaction from those riders. >> the red line back on track this morning. no problems. but for the 50 passengers onboard the run away train yesterday they say not only did they not know what was going on but they were frightened that
9:33 am
>> reporter: passengers board a red line train in but what they didn't know no ones behind the controls. when the train mysteriously stopped several stations later the lights dimmed and passengers were literally left in the dark about what was going. there was people trying to brake the windows so we could get out. fernando in the second car trying to stay calm. i just decided to be quiet and wait >> one passenger on his way to work in the city said the train took off from the platform way too quickly then things got worse. i closed my eyes for a second. everything was dark. everything stopped. and we were trying to open the doors and we couldn't. once passengers realized there was no conductor some tried calling the mbta. i couldn't get in contact with them. i called my girlfriend and she told me maybe someone hijacked the train. i was like, yeah, whatever. >> another operator boarded the train and safely took passengers to jfk stop.
9:34 am
there. it could have been a lot worse. >> the focus of the investigation remains on the operator. we're live in braintree. in new england." police are searching for suspect after a deadly shooting in revere where a 66-year-old man in a 35-year-old women were killed inside an apartment building last fight. another man was shot in the face. closing arguments in the philip chism murder trial have been delayed until monday. both side were set to wrap up things today. chism's lead attorney went home sick on thursday. fantasy sports companies backing massachusetts's approach to regulation in the industry. they took part in forum that was hosted by the state's gaming commission.
9:35 am
proposed new requirements. draft king and fan dual should be considered by other state. korean soldier finally home this morning. remains of sergeant robert dacan greeted by his family and other service member at logan airport. he was killed in action. the military recently identified remain using dfa testing. this the an emotional time for the family. >> i stood by my nana. devastated her. and we would talk all the time. she talked with everybody about bobby. all of us did. and she would be so proud today. she truly would. the family members are now planning the funeral.
9:36 am
patient police say the helicopter was flying to hospital which was just about ten minutes away. but bad weather made it difficult for crews to find the victims here. also breaking overnight the first refugee settling in canada this morning. they arrived at the airport and were fitted for new winter coats wednesday night. canada mrag pledged to resettle refugee. >> donald trump greeted by protestors in new hampshire while he picked up a police endorsement. nick emmons in the control room with more on this. last night supposed to be a privatent where donald trump picked up endorsement. protest. the endorsement comes as trump remains under fire for his controversial proposal to ban muslim from entering the u.s. people protesting outside theent hitler. at the event a new england police union unanimously voted to endorse trump.
9:37 am
kills a police officer would get the death penalty. the union said despite trump's controversial comments on muslims he has its full support. >> this isn't religious. this is law enforcement. i will not get into that rhetoric. that's ridiculous. the things i've heard donald trump say on his campaign, the racist intolerance is so disgusting that i can't sit home and do nothing. what if donald trump becomes president. we have camp for muslim. i wouldn't feel safe if he wasment. >> according to poll out this morning. trumps lead in new hampshire is still double digits over his closest competitors. live in the control room nick emmons, 7news, "today in new england." >> nba analyst going against donald trump and national election coverage. it came after someone on twitter compared him to trump.
9:38 am
all his family together. that's insulting. now to lump the muslim that's more insulting. first i have to watch every time he insults people his poll numbers go up. to be honest with you cnn has done an awful job with this election. they've been kissing butt, chasing ratings, and it's been sad and frustrating that our company has followed their soul for ratings barkley works for tnt which by the way owned by the same company as cnn. airline call no-fly zone for hottest christmas gift. they are banning hover boards. they having notorious for catching fire possibly caused by their batteries. the safety commission called the incidents a quote top priority. they are investigating at least ten different reports.
9:39 am
this man that made off with pack of sports drinks. he rolled in the store and rolled back out without paying. this happened in september. but detective just released the video to the public on thursday. a close call that was caught on camera was part of a roof collapsed on to busy sidewalk. this was also in london by the way. people below were showered with debris. but amazingly no one was seriously hurt. look at that person. they were right under it. building inspector blame high winds for that collapse. still ahead on ""today in new england." we're taking a bite out of tasty treat this looks so yummy. you won't want to miss these whoopy pies with twist. >> pepperminute and chocolate. jeff curry sounding off. undefeated streak. >> cloud and fog this morning. mild despite the clouds and fog. myself and daniel that lady back
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cracked the gridlock to strengthen veterans' healthcare. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. 9:43, everybody. are we happy it's friday. >> absolutely. and now the to-do list for the holidays begins. two weeks from christmas. if you haven't gotten some decorating and that hopefully
9:42 am
we have essentially dry conditions. we don't have snow in the forecast this weekend. tomorrow is mild if you want to up. doing holiday shopping. nothing to get in way. early next week a little bit stormy next mondayening. second. right now first things first. fog. quite a bit of fog. dense fog advisory extended until noon where city of boston visibility down around 2 miles plymouth three miles visibility. some of the community the fog is starting to show sign of lifting. but still have some work to go through. that will be the case for the remainder of the morning hours. even when we get rid of the fog i think low clouds will linger and other patches of cloud extend through new york and pennsylvania. it's mild souther i will flow. here's the storm system way over here by my noggin. that will not bring us rain. but will bring us mild and somewhat humid conditions in the sense that the fog. temperature at this time 40s and low 50s.
9:43 am
jet stream is continuing to look like this el nino winter. a strong el nino. strongest since '97 and typically when that happens that shuts down the arctic for business. that cold arctic air can't find its way. when you have el nino start slow then may up for last ground by the middle and second half of winter. i think year el nino working against us. maybe a christmas miracle. for today fog and cloud. 52 to 57. tonight partly cloudy. lows between 42 and 47. for tomorrow cloud and sun upper 50s. much cooler sunday because of this weather system here which earlier in week i thought would be to the north. now i think the cool front will be right through new england. upper 50s tomorrow. but then as we work into sunday.
9:44 am
that front city around 49. still upper 50s to around 60. as we head into monday more changes to start talking about that let's go to pacific northwest. series of storm bringing them much-needed rain from northern california into oregon and to washington. even ef-1 tornado moved through the portland area through battleground. this very rare for this time of year. let's zoom out winter storm watches warning, flood advisories in effect for the end of the weekend. that energy moved into the central united states from texas to colorado as you head into the weekend and then it becomes our rain maker come monday. we won't see arctic air or weather just a little bit of rain. here's your 7-day forecast. today really nice. mid 50s. tomorrow a pleasant saturday. great for christmas shopping. upper 50s.
9:45 am
then the rain comes in monday afternoon. >> talking about decorating and holiday parties and get togethers so much fun and that's where you can bring along maybe a decadent dessert. we focus on dessert which will be hit at any holiday party. we are chipping up chocolate peppermint barkwhoopie pies. the pies are sure to bring the whoop pi to the party. executive pastry chef at the royal hotel in cambridge loves to make her holiday favorite. shortening. and with our shortening we will add sugar. and we will beat it.
9:46 am
in goes one egg. nothing. blend it all together. now sour the mill welcome touch of lemon juice. add a little bit at the time. it's anybody guess where the treats got their name. every time you had one on your plate you would yell whoopie. combine the dry ingredients. flour, cocoa and salt. once mix add to wet ingredient and mix some more. mix baking soda with warm water and add that in and then blend until your dough is ready to bake. done. >> whoopie. scoop them on to baking sheet. christina likes to use an ice cream scoop. that's handy dandy, then to the oven, onward at 350 degrees just twelve minutes later. we have whoopie pies.
9:47 am
we can't forget the filling. homemade butter cream with crushed candy cane. don't skip the crushed candy canes at the edges. don't squeeze and you churn. >> they look great. i think they look awesome. whoopi. that's what is cooking. 7news. my favorite thing is chocolate and pepper minute. i'm salivating. i'm with you. that rivals chocolate and rasberrys. >> chocolate and anything. can the celtics pull off major upset at the garden. they will try to take down the warriors when they roll into town tonight. gronc shedding light on to why he chose arizona for college. it has to do with some fun in
9:48 am
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reporter in iowa set to have surgery today after breaking a leg literally while covering a college basketball game. rallied to win the game. students storm the court. the reporter was trampled and he broke his leg in two different places. hope he recovers quickly. also the celtic facing tall task tonight as they host undefeated golden state warrior jeff curry and the warrior won the first 23 games of the season. not known the golden state shooting guard will play after hurting ankle earlier this week. >> they move the ball well. they shoot a lot of 3's. they play tough. they play you know a lot of energy. they know they are never out of the game.
9:51 am
you have to be ready for 48 minutes especially on the road. >> celtics have lost five of their past six games against the warriors. >> we know exactly why pat's tight end rob grownkowski chose arizona as his college. according to dad gronc chos school for pool party. in an interview grownkowski said rob hat 65 scholarship offer. but decided to play for the wildcats. when he asked his son why arizona the tight end said if you ever went to pool party at arizona, you would understand. >> all right. patriot another fan in colorado sneaks low for the team into a company christmas card. the man on the left posing with coworkers. he managed to get a tiny bit of pat's gear on the logo. way to sneak it in there buddy. the man said he roots for both times. by the way the cards are in the
9:52 am
at least it's gone viral now. a truthful trader. all right. very sneaky. up next in "the buzz." they are headed back to mit. fog lifting to some clouds. mild day.
9:53 am
i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. too clean? sparkle. because it's a messy world out there. this holiday, it's time for wegmans. we are a family, brought here through destiny. living in harmony, we are a family. it's time to savor. time to bake. it's time to enjoy with family. from the first toast, to the last dessert.
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happy holidays... ...from all of us. topping the buzz he played mit janitor in his break out film good will hunting. now matt damon invited to deliver the university's commencement address. the president of mit said they chose the cambridge born actor for both his hollywood acclaimed and his humanitarian work. it's an honor to be named commencement speaker at his school i could not have gotten
9:55 am
>> i just wonder if she helped write this first lady my school obama giving flavor. wrapping about why everyone should go to college. mrs. obama started an initiative that encourages young people to make a commitment for a better life by getting a higher education. she loving do this kind of stuff. snl very funny. i don't know if we would have seen amy do something like this. you never know. >> just dropping lyrics all over the place. zero visibility boston. plymouth ten miles visibility. there's sign of the fog lifting. breaking apart. but still lingering around the metro. and we'll have the fog lifting to some clouds. the mild day. middle and upper 50s. tomorrow cloud and sun in the afternoon. close to 60. much cooler sunday around metro
9:56 am
50. have a great weekend. really hope you enjoyed the rest of your friday and weekend. time with us today. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french. we'll see you back here for
9:57 am
hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right. it' s being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving
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